Month: October 2016

How To Choose The Right Hiking Boots For You

Are you feeling adventurous enough to go for a hike and you just don’t know how to choose the right hiking boots? Worry less. Below we shall discuss some of the tips which can come in handy when choosing the right hiking boots.

Tips on choosing the right hiking boot

When you are going to shop for hiking boots, the top factors to consider include breathability, the weight of the hiking boots, resistance to water, and their durability. That said, here are more tips on how to choose the right hiking boots

1. Know the size of your feet

Before you go shopping for hiking boots, it is important to get your feet measured by a specialist, including the length, width and arc length. This is important in determining your feet volume so as to get the right size of your hiking boots.

2. Shop for the hiking boots at the end of the day

The various movements throughout the day always result to swelling of the feet. This means that your feet are largest at the end of the day. To get the right hiking boots, it is important to shop at this time so as to avoid getting hiking boots with a very tight fit.

3. Take your time in the hiking boots before buying them

Once you establish the hiking boots that you are interested in, don’t be in a hurry to leave. Take your time in them. Walk around the store while still wearing them so as to be sure about their fit and comfort.

4. Test their fit

A simple test to establish whether the hiking boots are the perfect fit for you is to tie the laces firmly. If there is still room on top of your foot, then that is the wrong boot size for you. If you are torn between two pairs with different fits and they both feel comfortable, go with the ones that are slightly bigger (but not too big). This also applies to when you are shopping for the hiking boots earlier in the day.

Other general rules for choosing the right hiking boots

Online shopping

If you are shopping online for hiking boots, it is advisable to use a brand you have used before. This will eliminate the last minute surprises of getting the wrong fit or getting less comfortable hiking boots. This article on the Ready Tribe website has some great information about the best boots under $200. Quality boots for a reasonable price – something we all like!

Consider the type of hike you are planning

This is important because day hiking boots are different from backpacking boots. If you are going for a short day hike, then it is best to consider hiking boots that are mid to high-cut. They are easier to break-in. On the other hand, backpacking boots are made with high-cut ends which tie at the ankle. They are specially designed to support heavy loads and are perfect for multi-day trips.

If you wear orthotics, it is important to come with them since they affect the overall fit of the hiking boots.

Final Word

There are still many tips on how to choose the right hiking boots which have not been covered here. However, all the tips discussed above are vital. One more important point that most hikers always overlook is that you should break in your hiking boots before the actual day of the hike. Sometimes you might be having the right size, but failing to break them in might results to blisters and sore feet. Good luck in choosing the right hiking boots!